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Porotherm Blockwork

Porotherm Blockwork services in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Kent

Building with Porotherm clay blocks is becoming an increasingly popular choice of material for many domestic, commercial and industrial builds. It’s an effective alternative to other building materials such as timber, light steel frames and concrete, and it can be used in a variety of construction projects such as rendering outer walls, external walls, infill panels and non-load bearing partition walls.

Wallis Construction are experienced at using Porotherm blocks, and we’re keen to promote them thanks to their fantastic quality and value retention.

The Benefits of Using Porotherm Bricks

  • Faster – quicker to lay Porotherm bricks than traditional masonry
  • Dryer – in comparison to traditional blockwork, Porotherm uses 95% less water and so it dries quicker
  • Stronger – a Porotherm brick has great compressive strengths and one block first the majority of requirements
  • Safer – Porotherm blocks are generally lighter than concrete blocks, so they’re easier to handle

The Wallis Construction team are always looking for new materials, technologies and methods of brickwork to introduce to domestic and commercial clients to not only save time and costs but to also improve on the quality of construction. With this in mind, we are able to provide Porotherm blockwork services in the South East. The Porotherm blocks that we use can be laid 5 times faster than traditional block work, which allows quicker availability for finishing trades and the blocks are beneficial to use, thanks to their thermal and acoustic beneficial properties.

For examples of our recent work with Porotherm blockwork, check out our Portfolio section for related projects using this fantastic construction material.

The clay block walling system that we have used on many projects in the South East provides a much faster, drier, safer and more sustainable building solution than traditional blockwork. The precision engineered Porotherm clay blocks are fantastic to work with and is the go-to material to help complete projects faster.

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